10 Reasons Why Pool Inspector App Is Perfect for Your Enterprise

10 Reasons Why Pool Inspector App Is Perfect for Your Enterprise

Published on: 06-11-2013 | by Misty in pool inspector app

Many business owners and managers are willing to attest to overall positive impact of making paperwork Paperless and using the Pool Inspector App. But it’s okay to be skeptical about it; after all, you value your business and should treat it like one. We present to you ten genuine reasons why this app is able to provide pool inspection solutions that have satisfied managers in the pool safety and inspection industry worldwide.

Here are 10 Reasons Why Pool Inspector App is Perfect for Your Enterprise:

1. Job Dispatcher

Once you are logged in, you can automatically assign new tasks with utmost ease. No need for redundant data entry with its pre-filled, automated job order forms.

2. Smart Forms

Whether it’s for pool fence assessment or to check the pumping and drainage system, we have streamlined forms designed specifically for your own enterprise. What’s more, these forms are highly customizable so that you can modify them anytime.

3. Management Portal

You have a secure and totally accessible environment in the cloud where you can store, process, and deploy information. It’s like having an online office: with this pool inspection app, you can do business management tasks with added security to keep confidentiality of your business information.

4. Resources E-Library

Instant and easy access to all the latest versions of your documents is now guaranteed. You’d never have to worry if you forget one of the state’s safety regulatory standards anymore. With this pool safety software, the solution is right at your palms.

5. Complex Calculations

You’d never need so many devices because with just one pool inspection app, you can do your calculations. This is perfect for pool structure measurements and inventories alike.

6. Image Capture

Need to have a pool’s picture taken for documentation purposes? Then snap ahead! The camera icon is integrated into specific forms for this very purpose.

7. GPS Positioning

Real-time tracking has been made easier with this certain feature. Now you know where any member of your staff is any time of the day.

8. Time and Date Stamping

You can see who’s doing what at the exact time and what progress they are making. Along with the GPS feature, real-time monitoring is a piece of cake with this Pool Inspection Software.

9. Drawing, Graph, and Diagram Tools

When it comes to accurate documentation, these drawing tools are extremely useful pool inspection solutions. Now, you can record on-site assessments with great attention to detail using just your mobile device.

10. Offline Capabilities

Wherever you are, even in the remotest places with no internet signal, you can still work on your reports efficiently. You can store everything safely, and once you regain your signal, your report will automatically download in management portal’s database. So don’t fret, your information is always safe with the Pool Inspector App.

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